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  • Dr. Ulrike Caroline Strasser

Have a wonderful start in a NEW CROSS GENERATIONAL 2022

2021 was full of adventures, walks in the valley, climbs at the top, tears of sadness, anger and happiness. Corona again thwarted quite a few plans. Nevertheless, we facilitated many workshops with engaged and interested clients and developed forward-looking insights. Our CROSS GENERATIONAL glasses sharpened our view.

Virtual work is now normal, presence the exception. We gained new customers and increased our visibility with our webpage and social media presence. We talked, discussed and developed, continued our growth path. Our book on Cross Generational Intelligence still inspires and continues to inspire. We are invited to seminars, podcasts, panels and festivals. Our book is the basis for a seminar series. Our reference to the opportunities of diversity is increasingly understood.

My youngest daughter Romy starts her adventures in the Fashion Industry at NABA. Explorations in Milan summer, London late summer and Paris fall. My nomination for the German Diversity Award, exhibition of my second daughter Luzie's bachelor thesis at Photo London 2021. My eldest daughter Marie's Amsterdam life ended very abruptly due to corona, not a trace of a celebration for the Bachelor in European Studies, but a terrific feedback on the thesis from the professor and the enthusiastic grandfather.

Roderich Siegert has passed away, my father, grandfather, father-in-law, who always stood behind us and supported our way. Corona prevented the last birthday celebration for the 85th and that the granddaughter Luzie, who had traveled from London, was allowed to speak to her dying grandfather one last time. The loss of my wonderful father will be felt for a long time, but the memories are ever-present. He was our biggest fan of the CROSS GENERATIONAL idea. RIP

And now - we look forward to Cross Generational 2022 with you and we wish you and your families health, happiness and adventure.

One more note as a partner of the Handelsblatt vaccination campaign: Please take active care of your health, vaccinate and boost yourself - please!

Yours sincerly, Ulrike C. Straßer

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